Vent Free Stoves

Graphite  $1640.00
Brown Enamel  $2000.00
Blower $240.00

Graphite  $1720.00
Brown Enamel  $2070.00
Blower $240.00

The CVS20 shown above is approved for Bedrooms
It is a milivolt system which can be used with a remote control

Accessories for CSV20/30 Cast Iron Stoves

Product Code Description
(all Shelves MUST be bought in Pairs)
When ordered with fireplace
CWS20G Graphite Shelf for CSV20 $115.00
CWS20EMB Brown Enamel Shelf for CSV20 $130.00
CWS30G Graphite Shelf for CSV30 $120.00
CWS30EMB Brown Enamel Shelf for CSV30 $135.00

Free Freight on Fireplaces and Stoves shipped within the Continental United States
excluding only CA, WA, OR, MT, WY, CO, NM, AZ, UT, ID, NV, and parts of NY and MA.
These excluded areas will carry a $100.00 surcharge.


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For Questions regarding Air Quality, Operation, Safety and Sizing of vent free appliances please click on the link below.

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Free Freight on Items shipped within the Continental United States.

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