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GC36 With McCall Cabinets


     DIS33 Vent-Free
Fireplace Insert

Monessen See Through Fireplace

Monessen Corner Fireplace

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While most states allow installation of vent-free gas heating appliances, a handful of states still prohibit residential use. Because counties and municipalities may adopt different codes than state agencies, please check with your local codes officials to determine the current code in the city where you plan to install the appliance before purchasing.


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   DFS32 With Our Cabinet
  and ceramic hearth

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  DFX24 With Monessen Cabinet

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DFX32 with Monessen Cabinet

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      DLX Vent-Free Weathered Oak

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  Vented Duzy 2 Gas log

The New DEB Vent Free Gas Log




For Questions regarding Air Quality, Operation, Safety and 
Sizing of vent free appliances please click on the link below.

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