Container Gardening with
"Patio Barrel Gardens"

Gardening for Physically Challenged Persons

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Basic "Patio Barrel Garden",  with King Edward and friend

Price as shown:  $189.00

The "Patio Barrel Garden" was designed for the physically challenged individual, who has a love for gardening but finds it difficult or impossible to work with "Mother Earth" at her normal level.  We have brought her up to 34" above ground level,  which is usually a comfortable working  level for a person in a wheel chair, standing or sitting on a stool.  For many people, there is nothing more satisfying than working in a vegetable garden or with beautiful flowers or even dwarf fruit trees.  We designed the "Patio Barrel Garden" with 50 Gallon FOOD GRADE Plastic supporting barrels on all corners which are easily capable of holding and growing dwarf fruit trees.  Our basic barrel garden is built with Western Red Cedar, and is 24" wide by 8' Long.  It has a western red cedar strip work area in the center with two (2) - 18" by 18" by 12" deep planter boxes on each side, (See picture above).  It has 4 separate planting areas in all.  Extension sections  can be added  to create additional length, --- an L shape--- or a U shape (See pictures below).   Each extension has a 2' by 2' cedar strip work area, one barrel and three additional 18" square planter box inserts.

Although eight (8') is the normal length of the basic garden and eight (8') is the extension length,  Custom sizes can be created to accommodate specific size patios.  The basic "Patio Barrel Garden" can be assembled in less that five (5) minutes with absolutely NO tools needed.  The L shape or U shape garden takes less than ten (10) minutes and requires ONLY a cresent wrench. The Patio Barrel Gardens are just as easily taken apart for winter storage.  All Patio Barrel Gardens carry a 1 year warranty.

    Being physically challenged no longer keeps you from being an active gardener.!
          with elevated container gardening from "Patio Barrel Gardens"

The "Patio Barrel Garden" is great for the city dweller who has  a back yard too small for a traditional in ground garden, or just plain doesn't want to plow up his back yard.  As we have said before,  the "Patio Barrel Garden" is easily disassembled and stored during the winter months.    

The basic "Patio Barrel Garden" is also easily installed on a balcony,  for the Apartment dweller.

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   "Patio Barrel Garden" with single extension         "Patio Barrel Garden" with two extensions

Each Barrel comes with a planter insert, (See below) so that the entire barrel does not have to be filled with the planting medium unless so desired.   The Inserts slip into the barrels and are supported by the top rim.   The 18" square planter inserts are also easily lifted in and out

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Each barrel comes equipped with a spigot allowing
excess rain water to be drained off and recycled through your plants. 


   Basic "Patio Barrel Garden"            = $189.00
                                   Extension legs              = $149.00  each

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