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  "Cedar Tree Gardens" manufactures and sells green houses and greenhouse kits.  We specialize in cedar green houses made  from the finest  western red cedar and  insulated 8MM clear TWINWALL POLYCARBONATE.  Our green house kits are easily assembled and priced well  within the average family's budget.   Enjoy fresh vegetables year round.   Grow your own orchids.   Grow and care for the tropical  plants and miniature fruit trees you have always dreamed about.   It is easier and more affordable than you think! 

  CedarTree Gardens 
Western Red Cedar Green house Kits         

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    8' by 12' "Chalet" Model green house shown with double doors, one work bench, 
four solar vents (two wall vents and two roof vents) and cedar gutters for catching and 
storing rain water 

            Price As Shown         

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1-877-676-6627  or  1-877-888-5609

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6' by 8' Chalet model with two solar vents, (one wall vent and one roof vent),
 one work bench and cedar gutters, our most popular model
Price as shown:  

         6' by 12' Chalet model (Not Shown) 
 Regular price:  

 6 x 6.jpg (15370 bytes)     
           6' by 6' Chalet   Model shown with a single door,  2 solar vents, 
    a work bench  and Cedar Gutters

                                                      6' wide by 4'deep Chalet model                                                            

The Chalet models are shipped with  pre-built wall and ceiling panels and
           can usually be installed by two people in  under 4 hours.       

  Add on sections
******   Because greenhouse gardening is so addictive and enjoyable,  the most frequent mistake people make when buying a hobby greenhouse is buying one that is TOO SMALL.  Once you have purchased your greenhouse from a company and realize it is too small,  it is usually too late to do anything about it.   NOT SO  with Cedar Tree Gardens.  All of our "Chalet" model  greenhouses are of modular design and are easily expandable by simply ordering another section,  detaching the back wall,  adding that section, and re-attaching the back wall.  A process that usually takes less than an hour    *******       

Our Shop Foreman,  in a test run,  COMPLETELY installed our 6' by 6' Chalet model in
LESS THAN ONE HOUR ,  by himself

Cedar Tree Lean-to Greenhouses

leansmall.jpg (45661 bytes) Custom built 5' by 12' lean-to Chalet Greenhouse with solar vents and cedar gutters.  Customer supplied exact measurements.  Lean-to greenhouses can be built with a door on either or both ends. 


Another custom lean-to greenhouse from Cedar Tree Gardens.  This greenhouse is 10' by 48' and still needs to be landscaped.    leanbigout.jpg (48326 bytes)

Inside picture of the 10' by 48' lean-to greenhouse

Standard Lean-to Sizes and Prices

4' by 8'
4' by 12'
6' by 12'
6' by 16'
6' by 20'

Rain barrels:     $79.95
Extra Cedar Work benches:       $10.00 per foot
1500 Watt Electric Heater with Thermostat:       $59.00
Vent free gas heaters starting at:       $199.95
   Direct vent gas heaters starting at:        $525.00
Thermostat controlled Forced air exhaust
    systems with motorized intake shutters:

Chalet  models come STANDARD with the very finest Western Red Cedar, 8mm Twinwall Polycarbonate covering,  one work bench, two automatic solar vents and a cedar guttering system  to catch and save rain water for use in your greenhouse. They can be ordered with an optional  thermostat controlled intake and exhaust system.  

(Other Standard and Custom sizes available.  Prices on request)

          To order, or for additional information call  toll free   

To Order Call Toll Free:
1-877-676-6627  or  1-877-888-5609

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   Shipping for most Green house kits to 48 States
  will usually run between $150.00 and $250.00

Other Products available from 
Cedar Tree Gardens

A solar vent attachment that opens and closes vents automatically as the inside 
temperature  fluctuates up and down.  At normal settings the vent would be fully
closed at 65 degrees and fully open at 85 degrees.  The Uni-vent is adjustable to
plus or minus 5 degrees.  Operates solely on sun power

plus $4.95 UPS Shipping


Automatic Solar operated cold frames built with cedar and 8MM Twinwall 
Polycarbonate.  Solar vents start raising the lid at 65 degrees and reach full open 
at 85 degrees.  The right picture below is about 25% open.  Cold Frames can 
be used on the ground or on a potting bench as shown below.  The solar vent can 
be quickly disconnected for easy access to plants or seedlings.

LARGE                                                            SMALL
44" wide - 17" deep - 20" tall                         25" wide - 19" deep 17" tall
$159.95                                                     $129.95 
Plus Shipping (units will UPS)

8 foot Cedar work bench with small solar cold frame and built in 
(covered) 20 lb potting soil container.

Plus Shipping (unit will UPS)


Address Rocks, Landscape Rocks & Waterfalls

Address Rocks

Landscape Rocks



Cedar Lily Pond                                     Composter

           For inside or outside use                          For use as a composter or a soil mixer
$289.00                                          $189.00
Plus Shipping

        Cedar Pergola                       Cedar Potting Bench

  $895.00                              $295.00 
Plus Shipping  

To order call 1-877-888-5609 or 1-877-676-6627
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Elevated Patio Gardens

bgbasic.jpg (31994 bytes)
Basic "Patio Barrel Garden" with King Edward and friend. 

Regular price:  
Plus Shipping
The elevated barrel garden was designed for physically challenged individuals who are wheelchair bound or have trouble bending over to work in a garden at ground level.  It is also great for persons who only have a small patio area in their back yard, and apartment owners with balconies.  On the far right is a dwarf (5 on 1) grafted (Fruit Cocktail) tree with two types of plums, one peach, one nectarine and one apricot, all on the same tree.  On the far left is a Dwarf Columnar apple tree.  In the center are zinnias, marigolds and a hosta.

       bgplus1.jpg (17730 bytes)        bgtotal.jpg (16867 bytes)
             Basic "Patio Barrel Garden" shown with extension legs.

Extension Legs:  Each

plus shipping

3 Piece Barrel Garden complete

Plus Shipping

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We accept all major credit cards.

To Order Call Toll Free:
1-877-676-6627  or  1-877-888-5609

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