Empire Vail 32

While most states allow installation of vent-free gas heating appliances, a handful of states still prohibit residential use. Because counties and municipalities may adopt different codes than state agencies, please check with your local codes officials to determine the current code in the city where you plan to install the appliance before purchasing.

Empire's Ventfree Gas Fireplace adds comfort to almost any room in your home.  The manually controlled fireplace features the comfort of three heat settings, and the millivolt model can be thermostatically controlled and is remote-capable.  The fireplace can be installed against any wall since no venting is required or in a corner for space-saving convenience.  Drawing in the room's existing air, the 30,000 Btu fireplace heats and recirculates the warmer air back into the room.  Empire Comfort Systems has been designing quality heating products for nearly three quarters of a century, and this model is designed to last a lifetime.  Empire's Vent-Free Fireplace is 99.9% fuel efficient and design-certified in accordance with the American National Standards Institute.  For maximum safety, the pilot light is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor and an automatic
shut-off valve.


Vail 32

Box and Logs only:

  Description Price
VFP32FP20L Modulating Thermostat Vail 32 (32,000 BTU) $1100.00
VFP32FP21L Modulating Thermostat Vail 32 with Blower $1240.00
VFP32FP30L Millivolt Vail 32 (32,000 BTU) $1155.00
VFP32BP31L Millivolt Vail 32 (32,000 BTU) with Blower $1300.00



  Description Price
EMBF1SC Cherry Wall Cabinet $690.00
EMBF1SDO Dark Oak Wall Cabinet $690.00
EMBF1SN Nutmeg Wall Cabinet $690.00
EMBF1SO Oak Wall Cabinet $690.00
EMBF1SUH Unfinished Hardwood Wall Cabinet $600.00
EMBF1SUO Unfinished Oak Wall Cabinet $600.00
EMBF1SW White Wall Cabinet $690.00
EMBC1SC Cherry Corner Cabinet $675.00
EMBC1SDO Dark Oak Corner Cabinet $675.00
EMBC1SN Nutmeg Corner Cabinet ** $675.00
EMBC1SO Oak Corner Cabinet $675.00
EMBC1SUH Unfinished Hardwood Corner Cabinet $580.00
EMBC1SUO Unfinished Oak Corner Cabinet $580.00
EMBC1SW White Corner Cabinet $675.00



Blower:  $165.00
Wall switch:  $19.95
Wall mounted thermostat:  $65.00
MRC Manual remote control:  $79.95
TRC Thermostat remote control:  $139.95
Simulated Aged Brick firebrick:  $115.00
Simulated Stacked Limestone firebrick:  $135.00

Other Accessories

  Description Price   Description Price
VF2H32BR Brass Hood $50.00 DVG1MBL Mission Louver Black $190.00
VF2H32HP Hammered Pewter Hood $50.00 DVG1MBR Mission Louver Brass (SPECIAL ORDER) $370.00
VF2H32SS Stainless Steel Hood $55.00 DVG1MHP Mission Louver Hammered Pewter $195.00
DVG1LBL Leaf Louver Black $190.00 DVG1MSS Mission Louver Stainless Steel (SPECIAL ORDER) $295.00
      DVL1BR Slat Louver Brass (SPECIAL ORDER) $70.00
DVG1LHP Leaf Louver Hammered Pewter $195.00 DVL1HP Slat Louver Hammered Pewter $60.00
DVG1LSS Leaf Louver Stainless Steel $295.00 DVL1SS Slat Louver Stainless Steel $80.00
DVG1ABL Arch Louver Black $190.00 DVF1BR Brass Outer Frame (SPECIAL ORDER $75.00
DVG1ABR Arch Louver Brass (SPECIAL ORDER) $370.00 DVF1HP Hammered Pewter Outer Frame $65.00
DVG1AHP Arch Louver Hammered Pewter $195.00 DVF1SS Stainless Steel Outer Frame $80.00
DVG1ASS Arch Louver Stainless Steel $295.00      


Door Frames and Doors

  Description Price
VFY32SBL Black Arch Hinge Door Frame $135.00
VFY32SBR Brass Arch Hinge Door Frame (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) $665.00
VFY32SHP Hammered Pewter Arch Hinge Door Frame $135.00
VFY32SSS Stainless Steel Arch Hinge Door Frame $380.00
VFR32SLBL Black Leaf Arch Door (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) $425.00
VFR32SLHP Hammered Pewter Leaf Arch Door $430.00
VFR32SLSS Stainless Steel Leaf Arch Door (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) $745.00
VFR32SMBL Black Mission Arch Door $425.00
VFR32SMBR Brass Mission Arch Door (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) $755.00
VFR32SMHP Hammered Pewter Mission Arch Door $430.00
VFR32SMSS Stainless Steel Mission Arch Door (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) $745.00
VFR32SCBL Black Plain Arch Door $425.00
VFR32SCBR Brass Plain Arch Door (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) $755.00
VFR32SCHP Hammered Pewter Arch Door $430.00
VFR32SCSS Stainless Steel Plain Arch Door $745.00



Manual On/Off remote
Thermostat Remote

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FREE Bear Skin Rug 
Brown, White or Black
with the purchase of any Monessen or Empire
Complete fireplace and cabinet.

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