Mesa (Taos) Maxi Fireplace

No matter what your space limitations, our Mesa (Taos) Gas Hearth ventless fireplace brings ambiance and warmth to any room.  Featuring the look of a gas fireplace with a glow for atmosphere and interest, you'll experience no heat loss during operation since outside venting is not required.  Both hearth models are 99% fuel efficient and are designed to heat an area for less than the cost of electricity.  And, best of all, you'll continue to enjoy the safety and dependability of our gas hearths during power outages because no electricity is required for operation.  Whether used with natural or propane gas, out Taos Gas Fireplace Hearths offer a clean, affordable and efficient source of heat - not to mention alluring comfort.


All parts carry a 5-year limited warranty with a 5-year limited labor warranty


Taos Maxi

$635.00  Maxi Fireplace Unit Only  (Two Log System)

Maxi Fireplace with Various Cabinet Styles Priced Below as well as Accessories

  Description Price
VFBH30/EMF20C Maxi in Cherry Wall Cabinet $999.00
VFBH30/EMF20DO Maxi in Dark Oak Wall Cabinet $1055.00
VFBH30/EMF20N Maxi in Nutmeg Wall Cabinet $999.00
VFBH30/EMF20O Maxi in Oak Wall Cabinet $1045.00
VFBH30/EMF20UH Maxi in Unfinished Hardwood Wall Cabinet $955.00
VFBH30/EMF20UO Maxi in Unfinished Oak Wall Cabinet $1010.00
VFBH30/EMF20W Maxi in White Wall Cabinet $990.00
VFBH30/EMC20C Maxi in Cherry Corner Cabinet $999.00
VFBH30/EMC20DO Maxi in Dark Oak Corner Cabinet $1045.00
VFBH30/EMC20N Maxi in Nutmeg Corner Cabinet $999.00
VFBH30/EMC20O Maxi in Oak Corner Cabinet $1045.00
VFBH30/EMC20UH Maxi in Unfinished Hardwood Corner Cabinet $959.00
VFBH30/EMC20UO Maxi in Unfinished Oak Corner Cabinet $1009.00
VFBH30/EMC20W Maxi in White Corner Cabinet $995.00
VFB-BK Blower $79.95
VFF1A-20BR Brass Trim Kit (only needed for custom installs) $89.95


While most states allow installation of vent-free gas heating appliances, a handful of states still prohibit residential use. Because counties and municipalities may adopt different codes than state agencies, please check with your local codes officials to determine the current code in the city where you plan to install the appliance.




FREE Bear Skin Rug 
Brown, White or Black
with the purchase of any Monessen or Empire
Complete fireplace and cabinet.

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